About us

The Kono team

Katrien Cavents: k.cavents@konoconsultants.com
Resource manager

After working many years for Belgcom/Proximus, Katrien joined Kono in 2008 where she has been active as resource manager for our permanent and freelance staff.


Nathalie Verheyden: nathalie.verheyden@konoconsultants.com
Finance manager and talent searcher

After a long carreer in the finance sector, Nathalie joined Kono in 2018. Next to searching for new talent, she handles all administrative issues like invoicing, timesheet processing and contracts. 


Dirk Van Meir: d.vanmeir@konoconsultants.com
in charge of the daily operations at KONO

After a career as consultant, Dirk held several management positions within the ICT sector in Belgium. He founded Kono Consultants in 2004 together with the Cronos group and has been in charge of the daily operations since then.